Getting Ready For A Truck Jamming Time At Monster Jam And Coloring Sheet

This will be Braden's first Monster Jam.

We attended Thunder Alley at Kings Dominion and he was fascinated with the monster trucks, but what are some ways to get your kiddo to start loving monster trucks before your trip to Monster Jam?


You can stop by your local stores to pick up a monster truck toy. We were out shopping and found his first monster truck. You can use little cars to teach your kiddo that monster trucks can run them over.


Watch monster trucks roll around with the Nickelodeon show, "Blaze and the Monster Machines". AJ, the best monster truck driver around and Blaze, who is the top racer in all of Axle City. They involve your little ones to work together with them as they go on top-notch adventures together tackling math and science problems to save the day. We have a subscription to Noggin' to watch all of his favorite shows.


Monster trucks are loud! Keep your little ones safe by getting headphones or earplugs. You can buy some when you get there but, if you are looking to save money, you can Amazon a pair before the show. My Happy Tot, hearing protection headphones are the brand we went with. They are fully adjustable for ages 0-12.


We found the cutest little monster truck outfits from Garanimals at our local Walmart. We had to make sure to dress for the occupation. What's the fun of seeing Monster Jam without the monster truck outfits?

Coloring page

Copy the link below for a truck jamming coloring sheet!


*** Thank you Monster Jam for sending us this jamming coloring page! ***

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