Getting Ready To Celebrate Memories At Disney On Ice and Coloring Sheet

This will be Braden's first time at Disney On Ice!

I have been plenty of times from when I was young to now even after I became an adult. I'm excited to show him everything that I loved about Disney On Ice and get to show him the magic. This has become a family tradition that I want to continue with my children.

How do you prepare for Disney On Ice though?


Disney is everywhere! Braden has a collection of Woody toys from Scentsy, Itty Bitty's, and Little People. He also loves his new Mickey car that Santa brought. We love the Disney store!


Disney + is our one-stop spot for all our Disney favorites from shows to movies. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a top favorite at my daycare. I loved Frozen 2! I can't wait to see our favorite characters skating across the stage.


When you get to Disney On Ice you will notice that the little concessions will be filled with lights to buy. You can always bring cash so, you limit what you spend. Our saving tip is to bring a pack of glow sticks with you. You can build bracelets, necklaces, and crowns while you wait for the show to start and even mix and match the colors.


What's a show without dressing like your favorite character? We used Amazon to purchase a Woody pajama onesie with a cowboy hat so Braden can dress up as his favorite Disney character. Be sure to keep tabs on our posts to see him in his costume at Disney On Ice! We hope we meet Woody.

Coloring pages

Copy the link below for a beautiful princess coloring page!


*** Thank you Disney On Ice for sending us this magical coloring page! ***

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