Momorrific Flower Pot DIY

Mother's are like a flower each one is beautiful and unique. A mother is a superhero. She is the one that is always taking care of her little ducklings and keeping everyone in a line. Today is a day to appreciate and love your mom for everything she does. Here are some activities to show your love.

Decorating a flower pot for mother's day can be fun, messy, and exciting. It's a great craft to do together or a cute gift to give to your mom. It is a great way to brighten up your yard with some color. I would recommend doing this outside for it can be very messy. Don't be worried if you're not very artsy. This craft is very simple everyone can have an enjoyable time completing these creative flower pots.

Materials needed

  • Flowerpot

  • Paintbrush

  • paint

  • Flowers

  • Soil

How To Make

  1. Take your flower pot and flip it upside down

  2. Pick the paint you would like

  3. One by one take the paint and pour it on the edge of the pot

  4. Watch as the paint drips down creating a unique look

  5. Leave it to dry

  6. Pick the pot right side up

  7. Take a brush and paint the word mom on the side

  8. Place the flower into the flower pot

  9. Fill the empty space with soil

  10. Admire your flower pot and smile!

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