Travel Around The World With This Baby DIY Snack Box

If you are anything like us then you are always on the road. Now that Braden started being able to eat puffs and other tiny treats we have to bring them along. Baggies are too much to transfer and risk of crushing everything. The containers they come in are too bulky to carry around.

Introducing the infant snack box that you can make at home and take on the go.

What do you need?

All you need is a plastic container with multiple units and yummy treats that your baby can eat.

What Should You Add?

Anything that your baby can munch on as a snack. Here are a few ideas from Gerber.

- Puffs

- Biscuits

- Yogurt melts

- Lil' crunchies

- Popper crisps

- Teether wheels

- Veggie crisps

- Banana cookies

- Animal Crackers

- Teething crackers

- Multi-grain bites

- Soft baked grain bars

- Fruit and veggie melts

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