Harvest Trail Mix

November 1, 2019

 Autumn is my favorite time a year. The leaves are changing colors. I get to sip my pumpkin spice lattes in the cool, crisp air. This is the perfect snack to munch on with all my favorite treats during the day, this time. This mix was so simple and easy that it took more time opening all the bags. 


Kid-friendly idea - Have each child decorate a plastic bag with markers and fall stickers before you fill their baggies. Do they know what colors the leaves change before they all fall off the tree?



Everything Needed:

I picked up everything at my local Walmart


Candy corn & pumpkins








How To Make:

1. Pour in the pretzels



2. Add the bugles in



 3. Add the chex 



 4. Pour in some popcorn



 5. Add some candy corn and pumpkins



 6. Dump in the bag of M&Ms



7. Finish it off with adding in the marshmallows



8. Mix it all together and you have a bowl full of harvest trail mix




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