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ABC Halloween Blocks DIY

Its spooky season! The pumpkins are being carved. Candy corn is being eaten. Everyone is getting their costumes for the one night a year they get to pretend to be someone else. Every year my family has a special tradition for October that we go camping and decorate to win the site decorating contest. We always chose a new campground to venture to, hauling all of our decorations. These ABC blocks were a perfect addition to our campsite this year.

Materials Needed:








Wood letters

How To Make:

1. Lay your boxes down flat.

2. Use your ruler to trace a line around each edge that is an inch wide.

3. Paint each section of the edge the color of your choice

4. As that dries paint the letters the same color as the box

5. Build your boxes and tape them closed

6. Use your glue adhesive to apply the letters on to the box

7. Stack them on top of each other to enjoy your new blocks

From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!

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